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The O'Connor Method Official Website
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 Why Take Teacher Training in the O'Connor Method?
​O'Connor Method Teacher Training

The Teacher Training Course at official O’Connor Method Camps presents a comprehensive look at the O’Connor Method in theory and practice. The seminar will be given by Mark O’Connor and Maggie O’Connor by way of demonstration from the instrument, lecturing on the principles and philosophies of the O’Connor Method, and participating by learning and playing through some of the materials that have created a new movement of American string education.

The course will offer a step-by-step analysis of the O’Connor Method books illustrated by videos and PowerPoint, covering the technical aspects of each lesson plan; the style and musical language of each piece; the creativity and improvisational components to the music as well as the history and cultural relevance. The sequence logic of each book will be presented as a key component to the O’Connor Method pedagogy. Techniques of string playing basics; set-up, left-hand technique, bowing, tone, rhythm, phrasing, theory, note reading and vibrato will be discussed. 

The intersection between the solo books and orchestra books of the O’Connor Method utilizing common repertoire are a key component to the philosophy of the American music system and in producing musical artists, not just technicians. How the orchestra books as well as various ensemble settings, including the violin duos throughout the series, becomes a key component in studios and classrooms, replacing all-unison and octave playing in many current group class situations, with harmony, counterpoint, rhythm and improvisation.

In the other periods of the day at the Method Camps, teacher trainers will participate in 
1. All-Camp Orchestra placed beside a student in the O’Connor Method orchestra materials. 

2. The camp jam sessions can involve participation and/or observation illustrating how to create and nurture jamming and social settings with students using the materials of the books. 

3. Listening to and participating in student recitals demonstrating a wide variety of styles and levels of development. 

4. Auditing both “A Camp” and “B Camp” group classes and master classes throughout the week taught by experienced O’Connor Method instructors. 

In addition, participation in concerts featuring electives classes, and the final “Playdown” concert that brings faculty, teacher trainees and students making music together to produce A New American School of String Playing.

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O'Connor Method String Camp
January 3-7, 2022
(Orientation Jan. 2nd)
O’Connor Method Books I & II
Virtual Teacher Training Seminar